SSAA - something is happening


Just a sample. Lots more. Seems like SSAA National has lost its way for good. Critique el Cuuntus Presedentus - get banned. Not going to link any other shooting organisation into this thread, because this smells of shit - but time to expand into other states with some urgency, while the iron is hot.

Started with SSAA National supporting more bans.

Let the coup begin lol

Perhaps this might seem like a silly question, but I note that the date of this communication is 5th Jul 2019.
Was there an appeal, and if so what was the outcome?
What has Tim West revealed about the outcome, or indeed, the circumstance that (might have) lead to the imposition of this sanction?
Before we get ourselves in a lather about the sanction, would it not be reasonable to know the facts of the case, rather than turn it into a beat-up?

There’s two stories there, @oldAG - dude getting shafted, correct, content unknown, but sounds like he was bagging the president, which is not an appropriate reaction. However, who knows, could be all sort of comments that would make this action proportional or even below what would be expected. Correct, unknown. The second story, is them seemingly approving more bans… There’s more on that on AHP Facebook page and Shooting Stuff Australia (my thought on the channel and creator aside) - he goes through some aspects of that in the latest video.

At this stage it’s more or less irrelevant what or when or who, to be honest. You have regional branches publicly and openly distancing themselves from and attacking national governing body. Seems to be gaining momentum.

It’s hard for me to gauge what’s going on here from your little collage, but I thought ssaa lost it’s way a long time ago.
I wonder if it was actually infighting on Facebook and not an asteroid the killed off the other dinosaurs?
Good on Sydney but for having some balls But.

AHH ! sh!t and I’ve just paid another 12mths dues hope i’m not wasting my money supporting a house full of infighting

I think the infighting has been going on for well over a year. Member here is close to the NSW branch and filled us in on some stuff happening back then.

I have to say i normally just take this kind of stuff with a grain of salt until i have some proper hard facts, but i’ve heard a few things for a while now from people i consider to be reliable and “in the know” that really annoy me about SSAA.
When my next renewal form comes around it will be going in the bin. Until it gets fresh blood from the top down with fresh ideas and actually starts to give a shit about the average shooter they are good for nothing.
IMO their actions of late like supporting more bans actually make them more of a threat than any of the anti groups.


I suppose it’s like any business once there is infighting it leads to its demise I to like mostly facts but I don’t get much info on the ssaa so really can’t say much but judging by what has been said there must be some rubbish going on in them it’s something I don’t want to be a part of so now that I’ve paid my 12mth dues i’ll stick it out for that time period then i’ll join you JSS and pass my membership to the bin I don’t need them to hold my rifles so i’ll move on from them I have joined the Shooters Union a week or so ago and recieved my plastic membership card today membership comes with a $10,000,000 liability insurance so they’ll do me for now

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Ah, the hypocrisy of social media posters. Just put your side of the story out there, don’t put any facts forward, “poor me, look what has happened to me”, then it becomes a “Social media outrage”, various brain-dead fuck-wits jump on the bandwagon and go along for the ride. Welcome aboard!!!
I know the bloke in the above letter, he is a shit-stirrer and has changed branches a number of times due to pissing people off. He has been placed in the “naughty corner” because no branch wants him. At the first Nationals shoot he attended, he obtained the nick-name “A.C”, annoying c#nt, within the first few hours. Better to find out both sides of the story before joining in fellas.


gdb, that is so good to know that you get $10M liability insurance.
I’m quite happy with my membership of SSAA, one of the benefits of which is $20M Public Liability insurance.

Thanks danmac for that first bit of fact I’ve heard on this matter I have toyed with the idea of getting out of ssaa but seem to stay for some reason so i’m not jumping on any ban wagon mate it’s just that there is so much misinformation on these forums you don’t know what to believe but what you have just said puts a new light on the matter also my wife is joining also so it’s not really over till the fat lady sings I just thought i’d put my thoughts up on the forum and did explain that I don’t have much info on the ssaa so I couldn’t say much so I think i’ll keep my thoughts to myself in future cheers

G’day oldAG mate that’s good for you but I haven’t suggested that you resign from the ssaa at ant time I was just stating what the SUA has sent me with the card mate and if it was allowable i’d be getting $30,000,000 if you add both together but I don’t think that’ll happen but I still get the $20,000,000 whilst I’m still a member of the ssaa which I and only I will decide if and when I leave the ssaa when it occurs so I don’t really see what your point was

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I wasn’t having ago at you personally gdb, my posting was just a comment on how things get blown out of proportion via social media, (and this type of forum, if how this all blew into a cat-calling shit fight is anything to go by), without all of the facts being presented or sought out.
Like I said, there are always two sides to the story.

Gday danmac yes I agree there is always two sides to any story and you must realise that in todays climate of communications rarely the facts come out instantly and yes people should get the facts right but when they are not available the we have a forum like this to throw info around to try and sort out what is not fact and what could possibly be close to fact with no real consequence to anybody then every person on here will have a different opinion and they are entitled to it without harsh kick back from others by lashing out and generalising the ‘‘brain dead fuckwits’’ then it does put me right in there with all others if you read the posts I put up then you would have read that I stated that I didn’t have any info on the ssaa so I couldn’t have a say on them my decision to possibly move from the ssaa was my choise but I was thinking that the SUA and the SSAA were fighting in different areas but for the same gain for shooters so this is why I have never resigned from the ssaa as we’re on truths then here is my thoughts on the matter ''the shooters union can do things for shooters that the ssaa can’t do and have proven that ie ‘‘ranges and comps’’ but on saying that they do have areas that the ssaa don’t have and that is time to fight political BS you yourself said there has been some infighting in the ssaa this a classic from over stretched workings and power plays inside the ssaa or any other business for that matter I personally think having both parties like the SUA and the SSAA would be beneficial for shooters but reading what has been said on here I doubt the ssaa would work in with any combined effort from any other business and there within lays the problem but I don’t have any facts of that except that a member of the ssaa and a member of the sua gouging at each other on here basically sounded like show me yours i’ll show you mine anyway i’ll stop now but remember i’m me I make my own decisions i’m not a sheep that jumps off a cliff because the other sheep do I don’t get on a BS media train because it feels good and I say it as I see it, everything I have put on this forum is either my opinion or what I perceive from other opinions call me out if I over step the mark i’m a big boy but FFS don’t generalise me into the argument when you’re having a bad moment