SSAA Mildura Military Rifle shoot

September 17th weekend…if you have a 303 or any as issued service rifle you can shoot…fast! Pistol comp also on the Friday night. This shoot is for you! PM me email address if interested, and I will fwd the shoot flyer. Pistol shoot on the Friday night, then rifles on the Saturday, and a full on Saturday! Beers on the Saturday night to finish off!
Must be a SSAA member to shoot.
Regards MJ

Ooof, maybe, would like to go, will have to see if we can even leave the area at this stage.


Yeah, if nothing else I’d just do a night shoot, but lockdownsies… Camp out there somewhere.

@MaxJon I’ll get around to hosting the brochure

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Plenty of free camping too!

Nsw will be in lockdown until Sept, I can’t see Danger Dan not accepting the challenge to try and top that!
I hope for all your sake’s I’m wrong, as I’d also like to see my kids again this year!