Squib, I am ok, gun ok, ego: eh - so, so

So this happened… I am okay, gun is okay, ego - will be okay in time.

No charge, primer only and the projectile just engaged the lands. One solid tap and it was out. I have a suspicion I know where I failed in my process, but there you go, happens I guess… Live and learn, emphasis on live LOL. The 45 slug went into my jar of shame.

I guess leaving the powder out is one way to make reloading cheaper.

At least you weren’t like so many before you who thought “hmm i wonder what went wrong there?” then just threw another round down it without checking.


Has happend to me just once in 30.06. Loading in a hurry and didnt do the “torch” check.

Would be hard to shove another in the chamber any way.

@Oldbloke I’ve seen a couple of bulged pistol barrels where a slug has stayed somewhere in the barrel for whatever reason (usually a whoops in the reloading process), then the person hasn’t realised and put another round through it. Just glad i wasn’t about when they happened, i reckon it would be a definite pucker moment.

Yes definitely happens but if its only just sitting at the start of the rifling and if it’s a bolt action I imagine it have to be pretty dumb to jam another round and behind it

That’s true.

Glad your all right and no real harm done, but I have to say I told you so. A powder checker is worth the $150.

Not sure what the I told you so is about… I have a powder checker running on all toolheads.

It was in relation to a conversation that we had where you said that they were a waste of time and you didn’t need one.
Did you load these manually, or put the through the Dillon?

I think you’re going senile in your old age. I’d never say that. Ye, through the press.

I’ve made a cartridge with no powder. 6.5x55 swede. Primer went off bullet didn’t even move.
Thought it was a dud primer, hard to tell with range noise. Wasn’t till I pulled the bullet all was revealed.
Also once tried to chamber a 6.5 swede in the 308. Thankfully didn’t fit and taught me not to have multiple open boxes of ammo on the table.

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