Sportco, Omark model 44

These are an Iconic rifle here in Australia. I have one though I have to admit that its a safe queen and I’ve not actually shot it, I need to seed it off to get drilled and tapped for a rail.

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In the hands of a good shooter they are still capable of winning matches against the Swings, RPA’s and Barnards. I have 1 scoped for CSD Class 2 sniper match, as well as 2 in T/R trim with a P-H and a Central, and another on the way i will scope for NRA F-Class. Best thing about them is the price, you can have a reasonably competitive rifle for under $500, compared to the $1700 I paid for my P-H TX1200. Cheers.

They are but I think you need to put a few if’s and but’s in there with that statement. There stock of course needs a major overhaul from the original style. No more barrel bands or top wood. The barrel needs to be floated. Then there is of course the barrel themselves. There are still a few unused Black Mountain barrels out there in storage but a new cut rifling barrel is better.

I dont think that Omark should ever be talked about without the warning to check the bolt head retaining pin has been upgraded.

I’ve been told that about the bolt head pin a few times now but to be honest I wouldn’t have the first clue how to tell.
@sungazer How can you tell if it’s been done or not?
Also with ITAR getting scrapped on (or so the rumours go) sporting arms, I wonder if we’ll be able to order Boyd’s stocks straight from the States? Mine has the really short length of pull like it had one of those adjustable nuts on it in the past.
Mine already has a Black mountain barrel that looks as though it’s never had a round through it.
Rad, Boyd’s have upped their export limit to $500

This is some info on the modifications

The bolt head is held to bolt with a pin the pin on the upgrade is larger in diameter.

The old pin measures at 0.1215" and the new pin at 0.2175

I Have 2 Omark they are both better shooters than I am I fitted one to a Hatcher,s thumb hole stock and fitted a Brand new mab 223 barrel and bolt head the other is as I bought it as of yet

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think i figured this right thats the .223 omark

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Why buy Boyd’s? Aussie made Hatchers are way better!

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Nice! Only I would have went with the Hatchers Match 54 profile stock. How much was the 223 conversion kit?

I looked at hatchers stocks, they seemed good quality and the price was ok until they started whacking on cost left right n centre. It seemed sneaky to me and I changed my mind.

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That’s interesting, I thought 340 plus post was it. I might find out, if I decide to get one…

Then you have to choose from the one type of wood available + $155, then postage.
It just seemed sneaky to me

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Selecting Grade X is a zero dollar option XX $55 then XXX is $155.At least on the option I was looking at.

If you look at the pic above, the only option is xxx and an extra 155 bucks

Yes. I was looking at Model 2 stocks, they had all the options. I don’t know why they only have the most expensive grade for Omarks.
Maybe they are low on blanks?

Does look dodgy, the late Geoff Slee would never have done that.

Anyone want some cheap Omark?

I saw that. Most listed as parts only. Considered it briefly but nah. If you bought a few you might be able to build a good one.

Yeah, nah I have a good one in fullbore trim, with sights. The stock on the 2nd from top looks like it would clean up ok, tho…