Sportco clubman with broad arrow

Just cleaned the old Sportco and noticed what looks like a DOD broad arrow. Did anyone know if any were used as trainers in addition to the 303 22lr’s

Property of the queen! Lol

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Could sportco have bought and repurposed the barrels?
They repurposed a lot of other ex service guns and parts.

Could be, didn’t really think of that. I was thinking maybe they just did it if it was a club gun for one of the old rifle associations back when the military owned most of the rifle ranges.

Rebarrelled at some stage, maybe?

Still has the made in south australia on the barrel so wouldn’t have been replaced after factory i would have thought.

If there’s value in putting up more detailed pics i can do that. I can’t find much on the net about the clubman 22’s especially anything with the broad arrow.

I won’t be any help but I’m sure someone will be! :+1:


Has the barrel been sleeved?

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Unsure, you may be able to pick it though.

I could be wrong, but certainly from the muzzle it looks like a sleeved barrel. Whereby a rifled tube is put inside a larger diameter bore to make it smaller.
In this case it’s probably a .310 Cadet barrel that has been relined to .22.
Sportco purchased a stack of .310 cadets, barrels, parts etc.
In all probability you have a repurposed military barrel. Either a blank or sleeved cadet barrel.

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I’ve seen the process on the midway usa YouTube channel. Definately the most logical explanation, cheers.

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