Specific requirements for propellent storage?

What is the go with powder? Locked wooden cupboard?

I’ve been interested in that too. I know people have it under lock and key, but I would like to know something factual, which seems to be a miss.

to make it a little more interesting…


In WA storage and transport of powder comes under the Department of Mines and Petroleum as it is considered to be an explosive.
The fun part is that it has to be locked in a wooden box (19mm thick) and lockable with the correct signage on it. It must be in a prominent place so it can be seen and removed incase of a fire.
You can use a metal box but it must be wood lined so as not to cause a spark.

Its interesting how we just take practices at face value without ever really investigating the facts behind them.

Here islink from the Mines Department in WA. The storage requirements for powder comes under them.


Correct, so I would like to know, state by state (and territory) what are the actual (factual, with reference) requirements.

Queensland Explosives Regulation 2017 Part 8 Storing explosives

Requirements for storing propellant powder
(1) This section applies to a person storing propellant powder in a place if the propellant powder is a schedule 4 explosive.
(2) The person—
(a) must store the propellant powder—
(i) in its original packaging; and
(ii) in a secured area; and
(b) must display, in the required places for the secured area—
(i) a sign stating the word ‘Explosives’ or the words ‘Propellant powders’; and
(ii) a sign stating the words ‘Keep fire away’ or otherwise indicating that sources of ignition are prohibited in or near the secured area; and
© if the person stores more than 15kg of propellant powder in the secured area—must display, in the required places for the secured area, a classification sign for the powder.
Maximum penalty—50 penalty units.

Definitions for division

In this division— required places, for a secured area, means—

(a) if the secured area is a drawer—on the outward facing surface of the drawer; or

(b) if the secured area is a cabinet—on the exterior surface of the cabinet; or

© if the secured area is a cupboard, room or other enclosure—at each entrance to the enclosure.

secure container means a spark-proof container that is kept closed at all times except when explosives are put into, or taken out of, the container.

secured area means any of the following places that is kept locked at all times when the place is not attended by a person—

(a) a drawer or cabinet;

(b) a cupboard, room or other enclosure