Soviet collectables

I remember someone here was into Soviet collectables, like random CCCP junk… I received a holster and they threw in some running qualifying badge from the era… If anyone is interested.
Think it may have been @Martini

Sort of pity to throw out and but have zero use for it too.

If nobody that specifically collects that type of stuff, I’ll put my hand up for it. I have a rather diverse mix of stuff in the pool room…

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I like random Soviet stuff but a running badge from the era is a bit outside my collecting interests, so if @Bent_arrow wants it I’m happy for him to take it straight into the pool room :slight_smile:

We have a winner.

@Bent_arrow PM me where to send it…

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I’d love to see the collection @Martini

Wasn’t it @nomis that collected that stuff?

Think he did military stuff

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Fark, theres always one isnt there. Package arrived qhilst I was away… @juststarting had me in stitches when I opened up the package


Lolz yeah


What an absolute &$*(.

Im quite impressed.


What is it? A medal of some sort?

Its a small lapel badge. Probably indicates the wearer has achieved a milestone/benchmark or completed a marathon…

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In soviet russia (I am not sure if this is still the case, or if there will be russia soon lol) you had gradings for sport. From sort of “trained respectable Amateur” - 3, though to 2, 1, (most accomplished) master. It shows your skill level in that sport. I suspect this is for running, since it shows someone running. And “2” or “II”. Meaning that they are in the second grade.