South China Sea Territorial Dispute

Anyone following this dispute?
Think it might start a war?

I keep an eye on it but it’s been going on for years and it will go on for years more.

Whilst it could cause a war, that would be the last thing that China wants. Economic pressure over time on the countries involved is more likely and probably a more successful strategy.

Starting a war with trade partners is probably counter-productive. I think, like @Nomis, it’ll be lots of posturing for years. Maybe an occasional naval ramming lol

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Navel ramming, the occasional byproduct of shirt fronting. Teehehe

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China is all about posture. They havent won a war in 400+ years. Their generals are all decorations and no trousers, and when they did win a war it was pretty much against themselves.

They hold the economic hydrogen nukes, which our political elites gave them many years ago for 30 pieces of silver.

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I’ll be watching because I love a good naval ramming lol seriously though they’ll be slinging dicks for a few years to come yet