Some Vic gun shops announce click and collect

Gun Emporium has announced that guns purchased with cleared PTAs can be collected, with some conditions.
I wonder if other stores will follow suit.
Will call around tomorrow.

I heard another one thinking about the same thing. However, I am not sure how this could be endorsed, unless travel is allowed (i.e. beyond 5km).

Why would anyone ever live more than 5km from their LGS!


I have rifle waiting for me at said shop. It has been transferred into my name. I was initially told I could do click and collect then that they couldn’t do it anymore. Time will tell. I’ll give them a call next week. Worse case I’ll wait til after lock down. I did under the rifle in June 2019. So I’ve waited this long.

What is it @Cooper mate?
Must be cool to wait this long. :+1:

CZ 527 MTR in 223.

I have one 6.5 Grendel and 222 also. I kinda bought the 222 because I thought the 223 would never come. They both shoot very well. So I hope the 223 is the same


What barrel twist are your 222 and 223?

The 222 is 1:14 and the 223 is 1:9.

I’m shooting 45gr JHP projectiles out of the 222. But did try 55gr Sierra super Roos and they were fine.

I probably would have preferred if the 223 had 1:8. I currently shooting the 73 ELD-M. I’ve only shot about 100 rounds. I also have a few 68Gr BTHP.

Otherwise I’ll used the 62 gr TAP projectiles for hunting. I have 5000 of them.

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I’ve had good results with the 55gn super roos in my .222 also

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I have some Nosler 52gn HPBT to try in the 222…I think they will shoot well