Some interesting facts

For those that are interested.

Le video is le private!

Bugger, try again


They say that trying to push the gas pedal hard enough in a top fuel is like trying to squish a tennis ball flat with your right foot.

Having gone down the strip at 13 flat in my old Aristo, that P.O.V. is absolutely stunning to comprehend. Yeah, 13 flat, nothing to write home about.

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My bike can pull a high 10, seems weak as piss now lol.
The noise is truly something to behold.
It consumes your whole body, time just stops for those few seconds. Your eyes go wide, your jaw drops. It’s awe inspiring.


I managed a 9.98sec pass in my old Chrysler Charger back in my youth when petrol was cheap and Nitrous was all the rage :slight_smile:


Got to love the chargers.
Never got past 10.5 in my old one. Wish that I had kept it.

Here is something for you, a good old WA car.

Its funny, I visited my old Charger yesterday. And I wish I kept it, and the Torana and the HQ ute and the XY ute and…


It’s not much of a consolation prize but remember you have a new bike out here :grin:

Cheers, I did keep my old bikes though. And I must come and grab that soon.

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2 of my previous rides and the ones I miss the most…DSC00029 DSC_0002

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Is that a Tommy Makinen?
I always enjoy a Busa.

Yep, First road registered one in Australia. I used to Rally a Ford Escort in the 80’s and Bob Riley did the pedal box brakes for me and I kept in touch with him over the years and was first on the list for the Evo. I spent $85k on the car and another $50k getting 450hp at the wheels. Top speed was a tad under 220kph due to the gear ratios in the close range box but fuck it got there fast, the bikes in National Park and Macquarie Pass used to freak out when they couldn’t get away from me :slight_smile:
The Busa punched out just over 220hp at the rear wheel and was the best forearm workout on the planet. It had 4-1, Lamda sensor, PC5, Cams, Injectors and Airbox mod. Had the missus on the back at >250kph but had to back off as the front wheel was getting flightly with the extra weight on the rear seat. She was only 43kg but it was enough to unbalance it although without her I saw 299kph many times and it was still pulling like a teenager.


Blah blah blah car vroom blah meh

299kph+ is a farking awesome experience @juststarting, I’ve done 315 kph ish, was pretty focusued at that point so give or take a couple of kph.


Trust me , it’s pretty awesome mate, at those speeds you get kind of tunnel vision. But it is one hell of an experience… damn I miss open speed limits…

Mmmm… motorbikes

P.s. that’s not me (for those who don’t know me)

How is Robbie going? He healing up ok?

Still, just a bag full of nope. It’s a completely miscalculated risk for 99% of people who do it. For the last 1% kudos to them.