Some Bunny Busting Pics

I love plinking and I’m lucky enough to have access to a properties within a few minutes of home with plenty of bunnys, I’ve shot em with all sorts of guns from air rifles, lever action .357’s, 22’s and shotguns.
Here’s pics of a few.

Whats your favourite bunny gun?

Mate you are really lucky to have some rabbits around. The virus cleans them out around my area everytime one or two pop up. I think there may be a few that get around at night though.

Yep, scarce around my way at the moment too.

Still lots out my way.

Ducked out for a bit this morning and popped a couple.

Went for a quick stroll this evening.
Saw at least a hundred rabbits, nailed a few.

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How’s the bunny situation where you guys are?
Theres bloody thousands of them around here.

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Heaps of the buggers but they’re all on land where no body does anything or wants anything done may be the right term :roll_eyes: i get on a property or 2 every few months with my air rifle and thats about it

Heaps here, they make regular appearances on my front “grass” (couldn’t possibly call it a lawn) and occasionally run the gauntlet across the back yard when the dogs are asleep or otherwise distracted.

Nek minute

I went for a stroll with the 16ga this arvo, only had a handful of no.6’s with me so I passed up a few longer shots, but I managed 1 bunny and 1 hare. Pretty happy with that :grin:


Is there an easy way to get all the pellets out before you cook, or just spit them out whilst eating?

Nope no easy way to get them hence why I like less quantity and larger pellets, lol.
One good trick is to sit on a Warren and wait, usually a bunny will stick his head out and look around a bit before they come all the way out. I like shooting them then as you can put pellets in their head but the body is protected by the ground, you do lose a few back down the hole though but there is no shortage of them around here so I don’t mind.

Crap loads of bunnies around here this year… I should go out and try to bag a couple.