So I went for a shoot finally

I finally got some days off and headed to my family’s farm 2hrs west of goondiwindi QLD. Was lucky to find some goats on the dry river and got this guy to eat.

Next were a 3 little pigs also found on the dry river.

I put some yabby pots in to move some out of the house dam to a freshly dug out dam. Caught a dozen or more yabby n a couple of spangled perch too.

Next day was lucky again to find these guys in 39 degrees heat

Then the following day while feeding our cows hay the dust storm came.

So I saw 12 pigs in total shot 7, 4 piglets n 1 boar got away. Culled a couple of hundred roos on our damage mitigation permit. All on all a great quick trip. Great to get away from the city.


Yeah Justice gotta let ya hair down now and again mate helps keep us sane ya done well too with the ferals

Good work mate. I can’t believe how dry it is there

The very bottom photo is spectacular.

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Here’s some more pictures… yeah the drought is pretty bad we have sold our bulls and a few hundred cows we had only to keep the best ones to start the herd again…
20y/o pig trap

Disassembled and on the move to new spot.

Fresh newly made pig trap. Ready to catch them ferals.

Freshly dug out dam with my car at the bottom of it.



Feeding the cows

Our new red Angus calves

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Looks like you had a good trip. Dry as out there, hope your family is hanging in there, must be incredibly tough

Yeah super dry but we are proactive for droughts we have had bad droughts before where we shot all our sheep dead in a paddock and havent farmed sheep since. That wasn’t fun… but in my lifetime the dam we just dug out I have never seen dry in 38yrs. So yes it’s bad but you sell stock when prices are good and buy hay n cotton seed in bulk with neighbours to get a good deal… We are lucky we do have water from the bore and some fairly fresh dug out dams it’s just feed for our cattle in the paddock we lack atm… we need rain n everything will change. :+1:


I’m a bit disappointed. I expected all your hunting to be done with a 100yo pump action of some kind