So I have a cat now.

So I thought, like a band-aid, I’ll just rip this off now. Wife said, you have your guns and I don’t bother you with any of it… So… Well… Long story short, we now have a rescue cat. :face_vomiting: I said, first time I see it swiping at our dog or kids (yes, priority order is correct), I’m cracking out my SxS with slugs!

And yes, we have a dog. Who’s a mellow mofo, didn’t care one bit. The cat wasn’t impressed, currently hiding somewhere. Hrmmm.

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Your lucky, we have 3 cats. 1 who is about 16 years old is my daughters who we have looked after for the last 8 years and 2 are my wife’s.

She keeps telling me that she wants a Maincooon ( yes the spelling is wrong but there is a forbidden word hidden in there) but I don’t like her chances.
My order is different, if they swipe at my bird or catch wild birds then no more cat.


We have a cat against my protests. I actually spent several hundred dollars building a big enclosed run so it can’t terrorise the neighbourhood wildlife but my wife “accidently” leaves the door open on a regular basis and the cat goes walkabout for a few hours. Pisses me right off as i know it’s up to no good just to “paw its nose on my general direction”. One day it will wander a tad too far…

My wife told me that she thinks the two dogs are scared of the cat… I asked her if she would like me to get the dogs excited and then introduce the cat to the arena to test that theory but she didn’t like that idea much


Stick a bell on a collar around it’s neck. If you find it’s catching birds, get a bigger bell. Repeat until the bastard can’t drag the bell.


So, working today and look up to see this little angel stalking along. The things you see when you don’t have a rifle or shotty in your hand… Interesting colouring, would have loved to knock him over, he really wasn’t at all scared of me at all. Sorry about the poor resolution, only had my phone on me…


Looks like the start of a breeding colony of feral leopards. Lol

Should send the pic to 60 minutes. Lol

He looks to be a decent size.