So I bought a shotgun.

I had a deposit at Gunco for a CZ, that blew out to next year. I decided to cancel that and got one of these instead.
Adler B220 straight pull. With a pistol grip, cause why not.
Been looking at one for a while.
Now seemed as good a time as any.
Pick it up in a week or two.


Lucky 13 is effectively no more, however Cleavers still has tactical parts, I would take a look at them.

Just listening to Chairman Dan now,I think you’ll be picking it up in 6 weeks time sadly…

Electronic PTA, I’m an essential worker with a letter and Hi Vis so I can move around a bit easier. Figured I would take my chances.
Yes I will get some Tactical parts I think.

As far as L13, that’s a shame. Made some interesting parts, but I’ve heard their mags were generally a bit shite.

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