Smith's Outdoors, Bendigo.

Good sized shop located near the centre of Bendigo.

They have a decent selection of new and used firearms but they really shine in regards to accessories. They have a wide range of clothing, boots, cleaning equipment, targets etc. They also sell second hand gun bags for $10 each which I think is a great idea.

The young guy I dealt with was really friendly and helpful and was happy to have a chat. Didn’t feel rushed at all and felt comfortable just having a look around.

I only had a look at their secondhand firearms, but their prices seemed high. A sporterised SMLE was $750. The rifle I was interested in wasn’t worth the price they were asking in my opinion and they would not move on price at all.

Overall, I liked the place and I’ll go back the next time I’m in Bendigo.

Was that the 6.5 jap? Because I think that was well priced.

Yeah. It may well have been the bargain of the century but I had no point of reference for it.

I’m still in Bendigo until tomorrow morning and I keep going back and forth on it. Decisions decisions.

Just buy it

You’re as bad as JS!

You mean he is supportive and encouraging. :slight_smile:

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Enabling you to be the best you can be!

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As bad as JS? Ha, I remember when JS had a five gun safe and only wanted 3 guns!

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Bought it. YOLO.


We are all so proud of you!


You know you need it!..needed it!! Haha you couldnt leave it there, all homeless…well done!