Smith & Wesson Competitor

My trusty 686 in 357M is for sale. I’ve shot 15 matches with it. Previous owner had hardly used it from new. Its in very good condition, save for one bastard scratch I just found near the cylinder screw. It is currently advertised at Krazy Kovid Kash prices, but you sensible folk can take it off my hands for



And don’t forget to mention that you shoot loads of the same ballistic capacity as subsonic 22, not very macho of you, but a pretty good selling point :wink:

I did online! I said only 60 power factor!!! See, we smart you and me :slight_smile:

I put in on usedguns for $2500 hoping for some covid cash, but my bait was too big.

I saw it on abused guns a few days ago i thought it must’ve been yours. What are you replacing it with??

A model 67 thats been fudded up to only shoot primers made of aluminum foil.

Put 200g of pistol powder and 100 primers with it and ask for $3000, your phone will go into meltdown.


Does it have the barrel weights and the rest of the bits as well ?

Yes it does.