SmartReloader SR300 Light Rest Review

Since starting shooting I’ve been using a cheap eBay sandbag that cost me about $12. It works but is obviously not adjustable and really isn’t high enough.

I was ready to pull the trigger (lol) on a Caldwell rest of one sort or another, starting at about $85. Then I came across the SmartReloader SR300.

It was available for $49.95 at my LGS, and is at $102 on xHunter however for some reason theirs does not come with a bag which my did.

The base of the rest is cast iron which adds a good amount of weight for stability. Everything else is steel (no plastic anywhere) and overall it feels pretty solid.

In addition to being able to adjust the height via the main wheel, the metal feet are also adjustable and can add a good two cm to the height and allow you to level the rest on an uneven surface. I also appreciate that it came with a little plastic level in the box.

So having been to Eagle Park, how did it perform?

Really well. The rest was stable and didn’t rock or move around. The handle locked everything up tight and I really couldn’t have asked for more for the price.

I can 100% recommend this rest if you can find it for a good price. However, it becomes a less certain thing for the $100 that it is available for online. It is a solid, if basic rest which serves well for a casual shooter who is not taking part in serious competition shooting.

At $100 it’s main competition is the Caldwell Rock Jr which may appeal from a branding point alone and has near identical features.

Overall, I would rate this rest 8/10.

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Hold on a sec. When did you get 303?

I love that style of rest. I got one for my bday a couple of years ago, usually my go to rest (unless I’m using a bag due to uneven surface). Tip, pull the bolts up. They just need to engage with the bench to prevent sliding.

Good review. Heaps of people hang shit on Smart Reloaders stuff, but all seem to be doing the wanker thing, oh a friend of a friend who’s a very experienced… All first hand experience and experience of people I know very well point to solid entry level kit, that works at fraction of the price

Did I forget to mention that? I’ll try and remember to update the Show Us Your Milsurps thread tomorrow if I can. I keep meaning to do so.

I want a range of indestructable bags for these type of rests. Its always the fron sling stud that ends up shredding the bag. Ive gone through a couple. Guess its time to make one…Tourbon, make one for like $3.20 because I cbf making a leather one!!!

So I am not the only one. In my case it’s the rail on the chassis for the bipod. Like a bloody cheese grater! Got a link for the Tourbon?

Nope, Im hoping they make one; considering how cheap the Smart Reloader one is, there is some chinese company makong the Caldwell pattern and turning out side brands.

I guess we could just put some tape over the studs/pic rails but I have a hard enough time remembering to take magazines and targets to the range.


I put gaffer tape over the top of the bag now…

Been thinking of upgrading the 1 i made 35 yrs ago. But at that price i will check out my LGS. he sell that stuff. $50 is great value. I wouldnt pay $100 though. Made in china for about $2

You hear a lot of negative reports about that gear, but i think some of it is ok. Hard to go past Lee though.

Lets face it, most reloading gear doesnt need to be all that precise unless your into comps or shooting rabbits at 400 yards.

Saw these for 50 bucks at RF Scott’s in Ballarat yesterday if anyone’s looking.

And mine was from Trelly’s Hunting and Fishing in Shepparton.

Sooo, i asked the LGS, $110. Went to Trellys fishing in town (sell only ammo but associated with the shepparton shop) and lo and behold, one for $50 will arrive in about a week… Happy with that.

Bloody prices are all over the place, shop around. Buyer beware.

(These would more than likely be made in china for $2)

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Its hard, I want to support my local LGS, but they make it so hard to rationalize spending money there where other places are so much cheaper.
I’m also a believer in the thinking that durable products should be made to a standard that prioritize a long service life over initial purchase price.

This is just an up grade on the DIY I have. So was no way I was going to pay $100. Will now check out the fishing gear when i pick it up.

And added then to my contacts.
Nomis, when u come to Melbourne check out Centreway Firearms. Highly recomended. But like you out of my way.

Those stands, at least the one I have, will outlast generations… I think for something like that, it’s worth every dollar.

Yeh, its a simple, sturdy design. Last donkey years.
Extremely easy & cheap to manufacture