Smart Rest Door Pro 2

I bought this earlier this year, on impulse, and then realised once it arrived that it won’t go anywhere near fitting my car.

In my defence, I’ve only had this car since the 90s so… I’m an arsetard for not remembering that with the Range Rover window sills so low in relation to the high seating position and the high console cubby box there’s no way I can use this.

Another complication is the Rangie has fairly thick doors and a couple of inches below sill level is an armrest.

This item is brand new, still in the box and never been used.

It cost me $95, I’ll accept $80.

Door Pro 2

Maybe listing the dimensions of the door cut-out might help move it on. Saying it doesn’t fit your door makes folks think it might not fit theirs either.

Thanks that’s a good point, I went searching for any sign of a list and all I can find is “fits most”. :beers: