Small powder charge plastic bottles for reloading at the range..

I can’t remember where I saw them, but basically it was a little box with lots of little plastic tubes with lids that you could fill and label with your powder charges to make reloading at the range easy (no trying to throw and weigh powder in the wind outdoors).

Have you seen them? Do you know what Im talking about? Am I crazy and they don’t exist???

I have some older firearms where load data doesn’t exist for a lot of powders, and instead of loading up several dozen complete cartridges on the very very low end and having to either shoot them all or skip a lot and then pull bullets at home, I can just pack their charges, take a handful of cases and use a portable press like the handheld Lee reloader with my two dies, some primers and bullets.

If you haven’t seen these, can you think of a way to safely carry a couple of dozen pre weighed charges to the range?

You mean like test tubes? You can find them with screw on lids, and they’re like this clear see through plastic. They’ve got nice rounded bottoms so there’s nothing that can get stuck in corners.


Shouldn’t be too hard to get a rack or box like this to hold them.

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Thats pretty much it! The ones Im thinking of came in a neat little box to stop them going every where. Ill knock one up out of timber scraps.

Have a poke around on black powder forums. They often use pre-measured charges.

I remember that one of the hunting videos on Cap & Ball (YouTube) had them all in a nice, neat little timber stand.

You could probably use a MTM 50 bullet case holder to store the tubes in. You could pre dispense different weights into tubes then mix and match to get the desired load. I kind of like the idea but its not for me. I like to reload at home and just take bullets to the range whether I shoot them or not.

Oh for sure, its not a solution for reloading, but its a better way for the oddball stuff I have. Combined with my replacement chronograph it should make for less trips back and forth and less bullet pulling.

EBay, I use them to store cleaning brushes…

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I use centrifuge tubes for the BP rifle and pistol, makes life much easier not having to measure each charge. Au Stock-Centrifuge Tube Lab Plastic Tubes,Vial with Lids Sealable 5ml 10ml Good | eBay

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Got mine from Buffalo Arms.
Had them sent in MTM boxes which fit perfectly.


Will the 10ml tubes hold 80gn of FF?
if so I’ll be ordering some for the.64 musket.

This is the one! Thanks @oldAG.

Perfect because I can send them to my freight forwarder in US&A to get them here cheraply and use them safely with my black powder stuff as well! WOOHOO! :smiley: