Silhouette shooting (VIC)

@danmac, I remember you’ve mentioned something about expression of interest for silhouette shooting in Victoria.

Just wondering if something came of it? Any contacts? Anything organised? When/where/who?

Any details you’d like to share would be awesome.

We talking pistol or rifle? Full bore or Field? I am shooting Field Pistol Silhouette tomorrow at Little River. Cheers

I was asking about rifles in genera, something @danmac mentioned in the past…

But I’d be keen to find out what a Field Pistol Silhouette shooting is. What is it? What pistols? etc.

Field Pistol is a more open class than full bore, shot at closer ranges from 25m to 100m using centrefire (Field Pistol) or rimfire (Smallbore) of both open sights and an optical sight class. The comp runs the same as fullbore, 5 chickens at 25m, 5 pigs (Javelina) at 50m, 5 turkeys (bastards of things) at 75m and 5 rams at 100m. The event is timed, shooting each distance separately 5 shots only per sequence. Miss a shot, move on to the next target. I believe you joined SSPC? They shoot FPMS too, I believe Cheers.

For rifle metallic silhouette, both scoped and lever gun, the bloke to contact is Mark Butler. 0409 135740 [email protected]

Best to call him, he drives a truck for a living and is on the road most days. He’s not real good at replying to emails. I believe he’s organized a big silhouette weekend for the end of March?, not real sure on that.
As for just club shoots, don’t know when but it is at Little River.
Best to talk to Mark.

We shoot rimfire silhouette at my club SMPC, chickens at 10, pigs 15, damn turkeys at 20 and rams at 25!

Loads of fun… reactive targets are the best!