Silhouette Nationals Perth 2023

Okay, here’s a shout out to you “Westralians”, our Nationals are on over there next Easter. Both RMS and Lever-gun. Here’s an opportunity for you to have a look at the sport and try your hand. You can look the rules up on the SSAA website, including rifle specs. I would suggest attending some club shoots to get a feel for it and get graded.
The Nationals are on a rotation so it only comes to your neck of the woods once every 7 years. There is no qualifying requirements to compete but it isn’t really the place to be a virgin. It is a graded event so you are competing against shooters of equal ability.
It would be good to see you fellas there, all of the details are in the SSAA journal in the competition notices.

Same weekend as the 3P&FR nationals in Perth. Pity it’s not at PFRC which would be down the road to yours.

It’s at Wanneroo, come to the lever gun, it’s on the next weekend I believe.


That’s a day trip for us southies

I’ll see if my club or Jarradale have a lever comp as I love my Marlin 357