SHS STP12 Straight Pull

Obligatory Bentaz new gun dead bunny pic.

I got this gun last week and gave it a good amount of abuse over the weekend, probably put about 150 rnds through it shooting clays and spinners and the gun ran like a dream, wasn’t fussy about ammo and pointed really well. The combat sights worked good for clays, especially once that pesky rear sight rattled itself apart, I mean who really needs a rear sight on a shotty anyway?

This shows how mmuch the rear rail / sight moved, those gouges are from the grub screws that are ment to lock it in place.
The grub screw that holds the rear V and adjusts the windage also fell out.
I was surprised how good it was for clays considering the sights are designed for school shootings.

The trigger mechanism pin also works it’s way loose when you thrash the gun.
I’m not complaining, the thing works flawlessly even after copping a full weekend of serious abuse.
All in all it’s a good thing and now that I know the weak spots and I can address them and it should give years of fun.

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Ok so I just noticed the front sight is almost ready to fall off too, lol😂

Going to live a hard life that shotgun methinks :slight_smile:


" Works flawlessly, even after copping a full weekend of serious abuse."

Hey @bentaz let me know if that kent is looking for a job ok, sounds like the makings of a good employee… :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :beers:.

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Still works good!

What was the make and model of the one you broke at plinkfest?

This one…
Still has no rear sight, but that won’t matter unless I wanna shoot slugs

Why do you need sights to shoot slugs?

Because there is only one slug…not shit loads…

Nah, just point and click

Lol, slugs are small mate. O wait you mean lead slugs… Lol
Never had a slug ,slug problem when I lived rural, got to use farkin blitzem now and other shit for wasp nests… Damn sucks having neighbours that can hear you…
Its not even acceptable to use the 458 to cut wood, or fell a tree. :crazy_face:

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