Shs Red devil straight pull 12g?

Anyone have one? (I know there’s a couple of shotties owned around here :joy:) thinking about one for the missus for Xmas. Any known problems etc? Thanks in advance :+1:

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are none for sale second hand, which is a good sign.
After the Adler had been out for a couple of months you could pick em up cheap second hand, leading me to believe people were not happy with how they performed, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the SHS straight pulls.

Thanks @GUN-DMC :+1::beers:
I haven’t found a bad review yet so it looks like that’s the wife’s Xmas pressie taken care of. :grinning:

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So did she get one for Xmas and if so how does it go mate? @Daddybang

To clarify, he’s referring to the shotgun.

I’ve been looking at the SHS as well so I’d be keen to hear how it goes :slight_smile:

Haven’t picked it up yet as I had to spend $3000 getting a hole in my dam repaired but it’s on layby so should have it in a couple of weeks .will write up when it gets here :grinning:


I was in a lgs in ballarat this morning and noticed these now come ambidextrous with a left hand bolt handle in the box.

Makes sense that it is doable for a straight pull smart engineers and marketing people they have now opened the product up to a whole new group with very minimal cost.


So right hand on fire control and left hand to cycle bolt :sunglasses: i’ve actually tried this and whilst good an nd is likely if you get a little enthusiastic, but it may just be me haha

@AusTac second post of your sentence made no sense. But I suspect I know what you mean, and this is exactly why I was waiting for ambi controls :wink:

I could be ’ special ’ but found if you get out of rhythm between bolt slappin’ and finger off the trigger a negligent discharge could potentially occur but i only played with it for a few minutes whilst waiting for something else

So maybe ease of the trigger, ay LOL