Show us your Shotguns

People that know me know I have a weird fetish for shotguns, I don’t even know how many I actually have to be honest!

there a bunch more I’ve bought since then. Heres some of the interesting ones.

I’ve got single barrels, side by sides, bolt actions and even a scary black rapid fire death gun!
I’d love to see some pics of yours too so bust em out!

You don’t own all those shotguns anymore :wink:

yup I new you’d say that, The black bolt action is no longer mine, but I know its in good hands :+1:

Them falling block actions! I love it!

@GUN-DMC. You are a freak!

What’s your favourite SG action and are there any SG actions that you own but are just a little bit scared of or that you would own as a collectable but wouldn’t shoot?

I know nothing about shotties but bolt actions in shot guns just seems wierd to me…

Hard to pick a favorite, either the Greener martini action in the second last pic there or the old military single shot rifles converted to 12ga.
After WW1 civilians in most of Europe were banned from owning military rifles so lots of surplus guns were converted to shotguns as cheap farm tools. The bottom gun in the first pic is a converted French gras rifle and above that is an 1871 mod mauser, the big thing on the left hand side is a 577 Snider convert, these were made for the Africans to collect meat for British troops once the rifles were made obsolete by the Martini Henry, the idea being that if the locals got uppity the soldiers could out range them in a gun fight.
I haven’t come across an action I wouldn’t trust, with the right load anyway, but I have a few guns I wouldn’t shoot because of the condition they’re in.
As for bolt actions, I think I have 6 of them including 3 milsurp converts. I have a savage mod 212 with a rifled barrel that is basically just a .72 cal rifle, they are pretty popular as deer hunting guns in the US I think.

Wow that is some collection. Looks like you are well and truly over that 15 firearm threshold:rofl: Do the inspectors ring you to book a time. It would take ages to go through an inspection of serial numbers Im thinking.:grin:

Yeah my last inspection took awhile, luckily our local police officer is a good bloke and a shooter so we did it over a cuppa and a yak.

What a huge but interesting collection. Like you, some are a bit “different”. :grinning:

Just joking. I must have a look at the older ones one day.

And my Mrs says I have too many. Sheesh.

This is my shotty bought off a mate on here, packs a punch and puts the slugs where they need to go, this happy snap was taking on a unsuccessful hunt quite early in the morning as you can tell by the frost

That’s a sexy looking gun mate!

What is it exactly, Aus?

This is my latest toy - Dickinson T1000 straight pull bolt action 12ga.
I have only put 50 or so rounds through it, but I’m really happy with it. Shoots well and the action cycles smoothly.

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Looks good mate, much better than a lever I reckon.

Oooh… interesting. Care to write up a review on it?
I know nothing about straight pull hotties and there seems to be limited info about, so a bit of first hand reporting would be handy!


@Gwion its a mossberg something or rather @GUN-DMC might actually remember, eaither way a budget 2 +1 bolt action shotgun :slight_smile:

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information on the internet about them, This model doesn’t even seem to be on the manufacturer’s website, or for the other one I was looking at - the Impala Plus.

Both are Turkish manufacturers, and from what I can tell, these straight pull models are designed (or adapted) specifically for the Australian market.

When I get a bit of time, I’ll take some more photos and throw a review up, but I’ve been happy with it so far.

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AusTacs shotgun is a Mossberg maverick mod 95.


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My Black Powder breechloader. 32 inch barrels.