Show us where you live.

This is view from my lounge room on a nice mid winter sunny day…Mt Bogong, N/E Victoria.


Damn i miss that part of the world…

5 minute drive to the Kiewa River below that pic too. It’s a bit windy up high in that pic.

Nice view mate, I doubt any of us can compete with that!
unnamed but I do have this over the road, pretty much live there in the summer.

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Some where to cool off in summer.

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The Kiewa Valley is one of my favourite spots. I’d be living there now if my wife hadn’t shanghai’d me down to Tasweigia.

View off my balcony…

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You must get some good sunrises

Anyone farming in NSW or QLD at the moment? What does your country look like? Hang in there if you can.

I hate to think of the price of that view. The saying thats a million dollar view probably needs to be updated.:smile:

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Is that the local swimming pool, DMC?

Sun rises are phenomonal! Photos never do it justice.

This place has been in the wifes family for a long time… we care care takers at the moment and it is going on the market soon. The asking price is very scary and something i couldnt afford!

Bobong this os my brothers property from about 3 months ago

I was standing in his river taking this.

Lookin’ out my back door…



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That looks very dry. Where is it? Do you have cattle or sheep on the property?

Egads, Wylie… that’s as dry as a chip! Must be heart breaking to see the land like that.

Its up tamworth way. Its terrible, its a thousand times worse now apparently.

Its a cattle property.

Wish I could more but I can’t except for going to the local pub this Friday for Parma For A Farmer.

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yeah mate, good old fashion creek water in an old dam thats been concreted, all the local kids swam in the dam for the last 100 yrs at least since the gold mine closed down, 70 years ago some of the perants got together and cemented it and its gotten more and more domesticated over the years.
its got yabblies n stuff in there and the other year there was a school of small redfin in there too.
the water is about 60m from my front door.

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Very handy in summer, mate!

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@GUN-DMC that time i went swimming in that lagoon with my jeep key :joy: bloody jealous fellas but love hearing how you guys make a living, i need to get out of this concrete jungle permenantly! The view from my joint sucks

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