Should forum minimum reply stay at 20 chars or 10

20 character limit is fine, I think. :wink:

It encourages conversation. Hopefully. The obligatory β€œ+1” has been replaced by the love-heart icon.


  • Keep at 20
  • Drop to 10

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I love heart button the love heart button!
I have found myself fluffing up some posts to get them to 20 characters though…

Sometimes all that is required to answer a question is a simple yes or no, easier to fluff that to 10 than 20… :beers:

Spot on. See, have add bs
Agree +1 should be discouraged

β€œyuk iphone” All that needs to be said. :grin:

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Bunch of f*ckn traitors. Fine! Majority it is. Set to 10. Pricks!

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Get f####d!

βˆ†βˆ† 10 characters!

Bloody good I complained about the bad language. I win again and again. :+1: :smiley: