Should 1Fatman move to Vic?

…should the @1Fatman do away with those shackles of totalitarian oppression and move to freedom state, that is Vic, under cover of darkness, crossing the DMZ, out of Peoples Republic of WA.

  • Yes, he should dig a tunnel, like they did out of East Germany.
  • No, he belongs with the communists.
  • Yes, but only if he brings guns and commits to 3 PTAs in the first 2 weeks of Vic residence.
  • No, he may be a commie spy and we don’t trust him.

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We accept all refugees from that shithole communist country!


Come from the land of commies to the land of hipsters @1Fatman.

We have hook turns and pretentious coffee.

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Keep away you covid breeding creatures!

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Sooooooo are we selling the 500 S&W yet, @AusTac? LMAO

Dig that tunnel @1Fatman!! But be smart and dig it in a more northerly direction to give that cold wet Mexican state a miss.
Ditch the hipsters, wind your watch back ten years & come up to the sunshine, backwardness and redneckery of good old Qld.


Probably the best description of QLD I’ve ever heard mate! :rofl:


Move to the NT and live like a real man.


I know Victoria’s got the best Laws for shooters, but the NT is like a different country as far as feeling free.

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Could not agree more mate. I have just started working up there and I reckon it is a great place. :+1:t2:

I think that I am split between @JSS and @JizzFlinger. I don’t think that I could handle drinking lattés and crapachinos and I am defiantly not growing a man bun or goatee. Plus I can’t get my head around turning right from the left lane in Melbourne, would have to be out in the country.

If all goes to plan I will be working out of Tennant Creek at the end of the year so I will see what sort of trouble I can get up to while I am there. Might have to look into seeing how their gun laws work if I am only working their and not living there.

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Now i see why @juststarting wanted you to dig a tunnel, it wasn’t for you at all mate, he just wanted an escape tunnel from the dirty virus state and all the Covaids.


Yeah, him and all his hipster Melbournite mate, ruining it for the rest of us.
No COVAIDS at all out here.


There’s no dunny paper or flour again, I might have to sneak into WA, just to wipe my arse…

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To be fair you were warned. Both JS and myself commented on a fresh wave of hoarding a few days ago.

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I was doing my regular fortnight shop that day and didn’t buy any and didn’t see any run on the stuff. I am a little surprised that it has happened again. I would have thought that after the last run and it being shown that there really wasn’t going to be a supply problem (other than that created by panic buys) people would have had more confidence.

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I think that you may be right, I will have to put a one way gate in t keep him out. The last thing that we need is more coffee drinking hipsters rampant with the virus roaming around unchecked.

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I completely understand, it may be a culture shock seeing a hipster foreigner, in his hip Ugg boots and fresh cup of capitalist imported coffee. I get it…

Don’t worry, we will start with some pamphlet drops first, to acclimatise you to the free way of life.

I would prefer if you could drop ammo supplies. Some powder would be good lol.