Shotguns in space.

Did the Russians have a service shotgun back in the day?
My ignorance of these things is great.

How the fuck should I know. Didn’t see it Enmy At the Gates.

A bit of Googling would suggest not.

Wasn’t there a survival shotgun that went into space comrades?

You’d have to ask Albert. But I’m fairly sure he wouldn’t handle the recoil.

Article and the statement are both misleading. It was in the capsule and made its way on to some aircraft, as part of the survival kit. Which makes sense, for landing in remote locations. Other than none of them can move after, so there’s that. But in capsule as a survival kit… Eh, not so crazy after all.

The whos, whats, & whys are irrelevant . What matters is their level of coolness, and that TP-82 is awesome!! & the KS-23 is no slouch either. “Made for suppressing riots” I love it hahaha.

If there were really Soviet shotguns in space, they’d be underwater shotguns in space. You know it makes sense.

Does ammunition have an oxidising component inside it? How does it go boom in space?

It kind of makes sense if you are going to be landing on earth land in the middle of the forest and need or want to get out of the lander.

Rather than if the ammunition would go boom what would the trajectory and distance traveled by the bullets in a relatively gravity free and vacuum environment.