Shotgun Slug Designs

I saw this on FB and after watching though that it just had to be added here for the Slug aficionados. This is truly impressive. I wont spoil the movie but it is a must watch.


Good video.
I wonder what you could fill the hollow section with??? :wink::wink:

Candle Wax?

I have a mate that use to drill out the hollow point a little further on his 45-70 and put a little water in and then wax them over. A very explosive round.

Why do you want to fill it with something. The hole point is it is hollow. get it Whole :grin:. Seriously i doubt it would have the same explosive quality if it was filled. Aerodynamically it makes no difference as a pocket of air gets trapped in the whole and acts as a point on the fast moving air around it. It has a better shape and drag coefficient than you could make if it was spittzer and tipped.

It does make a big difference compared to a hollow point. A hollow point will expand when it hits but as we all know water does not compress so the effect is greatly enhanced. As you say it makes no difference aerodynamically.

I figured that was the idea. But given the size of the hole I’m not sure it would make a great deal of difference.
In any case there are a lot of other variables to consider.

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OK JS can you get one of these and do a comparison of an as is and others partly filled, completely filled with wax and other substances. Sounds like a great day plinking and blowing things up.
I will volunteer the home range and stuff to blow up. :grin: big guns and explosion emoji.

Actually, last time I shot a box of factory slugs (not encased in a plastic cup), I spent an hour scrubbing the bore… The mount of leading it caused was amazing. Never again.

I’d tap the brush and all this lead would fall of it and I’d scrub and scrub and scrub and it just kept coming out. Thankfully the bore is big enough to see in detail if it was all out. So, nooooo, I am not doing a clean like that again.

Are any of your shotties rifled? Is that a very common thing even? I can imagine that at the speed they said they were pushing them 1200fps+ that leading would be an issue

Nope, not rifled.

Gundmc has a new rifles shotty, not overly common though, bit on the pricey side to, often bolt action designs mads specifically for the deer hunting market to cater for some US state laws