Shotgun powders: what's a good common/all-rounder powder?

In similar theme as ADI AR2208, which is a local all-rounder powder of sorts, that can be used with good results in almost all rifles… Is there a shotgun equivalent? Something to launch slugs and buckshot.

A lot of folks get decent results with Unique…

All shotgun powders a fairly flexible, and can be used at any load weight, but very generally speaking use the faster powders like AP70N/Unique etc for heavy loads and AS30N/Red Dot for lighter loads. I used to use Win 452AA for everything, but haven’t reloaded std shotshell for years as it is cheaper to buy than reload, Cheers.

I use AP70n, as a fairly versatile powder for 12ga slugloads, 20ga & 357mag.

AS50n. Just have a look at the ADI manual. Loads anything. Including 223 lol