Shot making over lockdown

Built this over our lockdown in nz, based on machines ive seen on youtube!
Have made around 200 kg of smaller sized shot20201104_154349|375x500


This a sample of what ive made


That’s awesome mate, the cost and scarcity of shot has always stopped me from loading bird shot. I’m going to get off my arse a build one of these one day soon.

Last time i saw a bottle of factory winchester shot for sale over here full retail price was $150,killwell the nz win agents dont have it in there website any more nobody would buy it.
If i can answer any questions for you just ask

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I only ever see 7 1/2’s for sale and not very often, but I mostly shoot No.2’s.
I think those Winny shot bottles are about $100 here in Straya when you do find em.