Shot gun lovers or plain weirdos

Found this while hard at work and thought that it might amuse a few of you and there might even be 1 (@GUN-DMC) who would try it to see if it works.

Been watching these guys for ages, they do some stuff even i wouldn’t do ( which is saying alot when it comes to guns )

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Yeah I love their vids, I would try plenty of the things they do, some of them you know right off the bat are going to perform like shit and are only for comic relief, but a bit of it is quality slug loading.
I’ve got some good ideas from them.

But then I’m a shotgun loving plain weirdo!

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I want to try out casting zinc slugs, light weight, low recoil, flat shooting.

They could be fun, would they be cheaper than lead?

Not sure all my lead so far has been scrounged, lol.

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