Shop review: Reloaders Haven, Lara, Vic
Reloaders Haven is owned and operated by a mate of mine, he has been up and running for a couple of years now and the business has grown from a bunch of hand sorted once fired brass in a backyard garage to to a factory and shop selling almost every thing related to reloading and target shooting and actually producing projectiles on site, David started the business after becoming disappointed at not being able to reliably source the reloading components he wanted for his personal shooting, but the business has steadily grow.
David produces the BT Energetics range of projectiles, he also has the distribution rights for a bunch of other great products.
The shop is not to far from Eagle Park Range if you want to drop in there and have a look and he also has a great online shop for all those things that don’t go bang, his prices are also very competitive.
I highly recommend the shop and not just because I know David, It truly is a great place for all your reloading needs.

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Has he got the new CNC lathe / mill up and running yet? I know the BT Energetics guy pretty well, lent him a DTA extractor a few months back. He mailed it back when he was done with it along with a $25 gift card which wasn’t necessary but it was enough to get me sex :slight_smile:

I dropped in there today to grab some pills and powder and saw the huge bloody thing, I think its operational but he is still learning how it all works.
I let him know about this site and he’s keen to sign up and say g’day once we go live so hopefully you can grill him about it here soon.

Yeah nice guy I have met him out on the range and i think I have bought some stuff from him. I know a few guys in the club have all with good reviews.

Yeah, I have bought a few bits and bobs off him. Good to deal with. Close to me too.

As some of you will know Dave closed up shop, but it seems B&T Energetics has found a new home in sunny north QLD.
Found this today.

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