Shop review: Holts Gun Shop, Colac, Vic
Holt’s Gun Shop have the claim of “Victoria’s largest range of firearms on display…” I don’t know if that’s true or not but they sure do have a whole stack of guns, most of which are on racks out where you can have a good look at them. It’s a family business and has been so for a couple of generations.
I have bought maybe 10 guns there and the service has always been great. Steve (and all the staff really) is very knowledgeable especially when it comes to older and milsurp guns and has been a big help to me a few times finding parts I needed and stashing old and different shotguns away until I come in.
The place has a great array of interesting things up on the walls from punt guns to taxidermy and is well worth a visit even if your not really looking to buy anything.
Being in a smaller regional town they can’t always compete with the bigger shops in Melb Etc. but there is always a bargain to be found if you look and the great service makes up for that in my opinion.
If you’re ever in the neighbourhood I highly recommend you check them out.


I would second that. Truck loads on display

I was down at Holts the other day, this pic shows just a fraction of the guns on display.
As always the service there was great.

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Yep, they have a huge amount of stock on the floor. Service has been pretty good the couple of times I’ve ordered stuff.

I stop there 3 or 4 times a year and always end up buying something. Well worth a visit if you are passing by.