Shooting with my son

I thought Id share this, Last night I took my son to the Camberwell Rifle Club that is affiliated with TRV. they have an indoor 20 metre range and shoot, Prone and Bench in .22 and Air rifles as well. Last night was .22 Bench. We are both new to this type of shooting, my son shot 198/200. I shot 190/200. because they were quite busy they had to rig up a spare gun so 3 people at a time could shoot, they didnt have a correct plate to attach it to the tripod so it was very unstable and thats my excuse :wink: for a poor performance. Anyway I am very proud of my boys effort!!. 6V53T.


:+1: My daughter out shoots me too.

Hmm I didn’t even know there was a rifle club in camberwell… I wonder what requirements are to open a 20…or 75m range

Being Camberwell, I imagine it’s been there quite a while. Like most clubs in those sort of areas, lot of affluent older members, old boys club. Footy clubs etc are the same. Lot of ‘influence’ on local council etc. Helps grease the wheels and keep it open.

Any sort of participation with the kids is always awesome. Can’t wait till my boys are older. Hoping at least 1 out of 3 will be interested.

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According to their website, 1917.

I should look into joining, way closer going there than Springvale.

My son regularly gives me a run for my money on the clays, I’ve still got him hands down on the rifles though…

We are definately going to join, they told us that they are struggling for members. The current facilitys were built in 1957 and are shared with the MCC small bore rifle club that had to move from the MCG in the late 90s when a redevelopment was done. The people we have met there so far have been very obliging and helpful.


The fact that many people who are gun enthusiasts , that live in Melbourne or nearby, have never heard of the club.
Through lack of funds or effort these clubs do little to no advertising.
Limited or zero online presence. Hard to attract new members if no one knows about it.
Very common in a lot of shooting clubs and collector guilds. A lot of older dudes with lots of knowledge. Not a ton of younger fellas.
Few pistol clubs around that are the same. Almost invisible. Trying to find info can be painful.
I’m guessing the usual difficulties that trouble volunteer type clubs. Finding folk that have the time and inclination to perform an often thankless and time consuming role on the committee.
Finding someone to maintain an online presence ,for free, can be hard.

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I know the consensus was that there are enough categories here, but perhaps a “Clubs” category may be worthwhile.
If there was one and there were threads on different states clubs people might find them on a search. Then perhaps their search for a club may lead them to becoming a member here, so long as they are not [email protected]

Post using "Club: " prifix in Shooting Sports category.

Fair enough. I was just pondering SEO for that, as it would be a common search.
BTW I know SFA about SEO OK.

Club: club name and something like 22, shotgun, handguns will rate just fine in all categories :slight_smile: important part is being verbose and descriptive.