Shooting related things to do in Hawaii on Oahu

As it turns out i’m spending my 25th birthday in Hawaii, thought id put the call out to see if any of you blokes know of ranges to shoot at that offer rentals, trying to stay away from the ones in waikiki as they’re setup for tourists ( you just do the trigger pullin’ ) also is it worth buying stuff and bringing it back price wise as its not the mainland? Would also consider bringing things back for others if its all kosher and legal ( yet to do a little research )

Re range - NFI
Bringing stuff back, depends on Aussie dollar. If I were you, I’d just buy bunch of good warm breathable hunting clothing. That seems to be the big one that’s missing here. Although, being in Hawaii that may also be a challenge.

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Just got back from oahu and checked out two of their gun ranges that allow tourists… it pretty well sucked.

Their cheapest package was $249 and they a 686 .357, ruger mkiii .22lr and a beretta 92fs. Well i have all three in my safe…

Save ya money _

Dollar is tanking, i got it for .72c. Bought a video card, iphone and iwatch and a butt lpad of lego. Saved about 15% even with the hawaiian tax…

To get around use uber, about half the price of taxi’s.

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@wylie27 awesome tip re uber! Didn’t even think of that, as for that package that sucks! Shot all of them last time i was in the states, hoping to go to one out of town called X ring or something that’ll leave me alone to practice but i guess we’ll see
There are hunting possibilities, maybe a handgun hunt or something would be cool, not something you’ll likely be able to ever do back here in Straya.

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Its been a while since i shot a handgun but i know i suck to much to hunt with one :joy: would pretty much be better chucking it at game rather than shooting it

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For anyone interested - bit of progress i’ve made, going to play with some pistols and ar15’s with a local :sunglasses:

That sounds fun

Well play with guns or get kidnapped and held for randsom, if so ole’ mates shit outta luck cause no ones paying for me :rofl:

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