Shooting 38s or down-loaded 357 brass.

Typically I shoot 38Spc. I have a bunch of brass for either and I use the same bullets. So… The question is, are there any drawbacks in shooting down-loaded 357 ammo, rather than 38Spc?

No drawbacks whatsoever…I think. Shooting 38spc down the 357 can leave a ring of residue in the chamber with the shorter case though i believe. But im considering doing just that, as i have way more 38spc brass, than 357 mag brass.

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My 686 had obviously shot a lot of .38S before I got it. There is a noticeable ring in the chambers from it. I’ve scrubbed the bejesus out of it but it can still be seen. Hence, I wont use it in my gun.
I’ve got a mate who’s looking for .38 brass if anyone wants to get rid of some.

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Yeah sorry @danmac i dont want to part with any brass, even brass, i dont have guns for…

Haha you’re as bad as myself 3600 357 mag shells that I’ve been hoarding for 10+ years.
Ill get around to turning them into 256 win mag one day lol

What? I should have traded you some for the CVA!!

I only shoot 38sp from my 686. Many thousands now. I clean the dirt out of my ring as often as I clean the dirt out of my ring. You can shoot low loaded 357 but you’ll have a big airgap in the case which might make for some funny fart shooting antics once in a while.

I usually shoot a round of 38sp and then a round of 357

357 round I usually shoot straighter - either I’ve “warmed up” or the 686 prefers it

And I usually clean the revolver after each outing cos it gets filthy and it’s super quick to clean.