Shooters Union puts its money where its mouth is for QLD State Election


We talk a lot about fighting for #AllShooters and it’s because we genuinely believe in it.

We firmly believe our member’s money is for using to fight for a better deal for shooters, not for hoarding like some kind of dragon. It’s not helping shooters just sitting in the bank, after all.

That’s why we are proud to share we have spent more than $200,000 on the upcoming Queensland election.

Some of that has been in direct political donations, particularly to Katter’s Australian Party and selected individual pro-gun candidates, and some of it has been in costs for producing video, media, paid advertising – including on social media – and similar things.

Our direct political donations are a matter of public record and you can see them for yourself on the Electoral Commission of Queensland’s Electronic Disclosures System (

Indeed, even the ABC and The Australian have reported on our spending for this election, and our media team has ensured we have been receiving prominent mainstream media coverage in Regional and North Queensland over our support for KAP and pro-gun policies too.

We have also launched Australia’s very first pro-shooting voting app, How To Vote Pro Gun, which is available for free from the Apple Store (, Google Play Store ( or online at

This app allows anyone in Queensland (and soon, all of Australia) – not just Shooters Union Members – to put in their electorate, and then get our suggestions for voting preferences based on the candidates there.

This app is the best way to ensure we, as shooters, get our voices heard at the ballot box.

You may have seen our videos and ads on Facebook and elsewhere, and hopefully you have been receiving our e-mails as well.

Otherwise, you may not have seen all of what we have been doing, and that is deliberate.

We have been targeting our messages on social media within Queensland where they can do most good – after all, there is no point spending member’s money targeting our Facebook ads to voters who live in New Farm or Maleny since they’re not likely to be on board with voting for a fair go for law-abiding firearms users.

Our work goes beyond elections and we’ll be bringing you more regular updates in future about what we’re doing – not just in Queensland, but around Australia.

Because when we say we’re fighting for all shooters, we mean that – and we’ve got plenty more on the way.

Shooters Union membership is only $35 per year and includes $20m in public liability insurance - and the more members we have, the stronger and louder our voice is… You can join today at:


Good work lads, keep it up and good luck up there tomorrow!

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Great work guys, hopefully KAP can get a couple of wins about the place.

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Good stuff, proud to be a lifetime member :+1: