Shooters union - in VIC?

So, um, how are we going here :slight_smile: We need some love.

The very, very short version is we’d need to find someone suitable to be our Official Representative there, and that person needs to be dedicated, committed and willing to get involved for the long term - because if we set up somewhere, we want to do it properly.

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Committed is the big one. Any takers? looks around nervously

I would buy you one coffee per fortnight. Or $10 a month if you did this JS.
The way I see it, if someone is willing to COMMIT to an endeavour I wished I could but can’t, then as a group of likeminded people we might be able to garner enough compensation to reward that person enough to cover the amount of income and time they would have to transfer, plus some encouragement and in doing so get what we want.

To be quite frank, the amount of money required to do that is rather large and simply not feasible right now - no matter how much we wish it was.

You say money, but that’s so yesterday. It’s all about toilet paper now.

@JizzFlinger unfortunately, the only thing that’s lacking here is commitment (time is hard).

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