Shooters Union calls for Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville to resign over "disgusting" domestic violence comments

At the moment can just being a member of the Shooters Union enable you to gain a gun licence as it does here in QLD with the ssaa ?

In Queensland, yes - we’re a Genuine Reason for Cat A , B & H. We’re working on expanding that to the other states; it’s proving complicated in NSW due to their strange laws about “Peak Bodies”, however.

Regardless of where you are in Australia, SU membership comes with $20m of public liability insurance too; it covers you when you’re hunting with written permission of the landowner and when competing in organised target shooting events too.

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Thanks SU i’m already a member ot the SU but I wasn’t too sure that was the case with the licence Genuine Reason bit so now I can make my decision thanks for that Cheers

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Too bad Danny boy is a leftist moron, and most likely wont even see your email…But good effort Bentaz!

That’s ok, I reckon they have fucked themselves with more than just shooters and the next election should give them the boot.
I know I will be out actively campaigning against them.


‘this is not a popularity context’. His words, as verbatim as I can remember. And then to allow blm (and bunch of other) protests to go on… No, I think it is a popularity contest for the spineless lier. Liberals are the same. Just look at the lack of condemnation from them of the protests. Trying to erase that from memory by lifting restrictions yet again. That said, labour never had my vote anyway and when it got elected, it was a dark day in my family… Neither do the liberals. But you know what, that’s what differentiates us from animals ( - we are law abiding productive members of society. Not some sort of a pus filled cystic growth on the anus of humanity, who wants everything but refuses to work for it. Just remember this when election comes around. Know who you are voting for and vote below the line.


The hole that is the Victorian labor party just seems to be getting deeper and deeper with two sacked in two days.
And just to help promote the brand you’ve got a former (NSW) labor MP charged with more kiddy fideling offences!

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Puss filled cystic growth on the anus of society…That’s Gold!!

It’s hard when our capital city has a high population of green oxygen thieves.

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The bitch has resigned!! Yay!!


I question if that clique has resigned or been ask to resign. A lot at the same time, feels like a purge before an election. Bus, meet cabinet, cabinet, meet bus.


Yes its a few, in one go…

Agree it is pretty common before an election to get rid of anyone that has been an embarrassment. Def a purge wont change my vote gid rid of Dan.


The other departures were definitely a surprise, but I honestly thought Lisa Neville was going to resign last year when she was having her health issues.

She took a couple months of medical leave last year because of a chronic condition.

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