Shooters Union appoints Perth-based WA State Advocate

Shooters Union is delighted to announce the official appointment of Perth resident Steve Harrison as our Western Australia State Advocate.

Steve is a former West Australian Police Force officer, with decades of experience across everything from the Firearms Branch to Emergency/Major operations services coordination, Intelligence, and beat-walking police duties.

He is also a very keen shooter and advocate for firearms owner’s rights, and is bringing his knowledge of police systems as well as his organisational and planning skills to the team.

Like so very many other shooters in Western Australia, Steve is absolutely furious at how unaccountable the state government and media have become, and sees the recent publication of maps in a state newspaper showing the registered location of firearms (and by extension their owners) as absolute and undeniable proof the situation needs to change.

Steve has already started putting his knowledge, skills and passion to work, speaking with other shooting groups, MPs, and gun owners to help formulate an effective and practical response to the shocking situation in WA, as well as developing longer-term strategies to fix the abysmal state of affairs for shooters in the state.

We are delighted to have Steve aboard and you can expect to be hearing a lot more from him very soon!

Steve can be reached via e-mail to [email protected]