Shinzo Abe shot with improvised shotgun

:jp::gun::exclamation:— A higher quality photo. The hardware store pipe and end caps are clearly visible. It appears that the firing method was electric, judging by the wires and connectors on the grip. This is a fairly advance design when compared to the standard “four winds” style slamfire shotgun. It makes sense within the context of Japan, where even acquiring live shotgun shells is of great difficulty. It was easier for the assailant to ignite the black powder using electric means rather than percussive.” /CIG/ Telegram

Shinzo transported to hospital with three doctors performing cardiac massage…


Gotta give him points for trying. He was probably sitting at home thinking how shit it was not to have a gun when all of a sudden an episode of MacGyver came on TV. Problem solved.

Shinzo didn’t make it. Pretty hectic, didn’t really think this kind of thing happened now days.

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You mean like a drive by, because guns are illegal?

:jp::policeman: More firearms recovered from the suspect’s home. Some are of a rifle type, shoulder fired and feature a large frame. Some have red dots to aide in aiming. All feature the same type of electric firing mechanism and barrel attachment method to a wooden frame.”

Old mate had an interesting hobby…

At least you dont think of public shootings in Japan. Not that it is a country with its own mental health issues but the public violence issue is very rare.

I’d argue it’s rare here as well

3 firearms deaths a year in Japan which yes is incredibly low in proportion to their population

Where are we? 200?

That’s not high and 90% are suicides too… So public violence isn’t a real issue here either.