Shaken, not stirred (WA earth quake)?

So I hear WA shook a little today or is it @1Fatman on a remote site beans and snags diet?

Hope you are okay out there?

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@1Fatman and his family was the only thing that made not sad a tsunami didn’t follow.
Hope your all good mate!

Thanks gents, all good out here.

I am currently a bit over 120km NW of Newman and about 970km from Broome but we still felt it. The computer monitors where shaking a bit and that’s about it. The wife is further away and didn’t feel a thing.

The funny thing is being on a mine site there are lots of vibrations and you don’t even notice them but this one stood out.


I was surprised when I googled it that there has been I think it was 9 earthquakes over there in the past year.

Yep, but 3 of them were from me falling over. :wink::upside_down_face: