Selling T3 Terminator muzzle brake

My T3 muzzle brake is for sale it’s only had a dozen or so shots through it so almost new it has a 18x1 thread and fits 7mm caliber

The brake has been sold thanks

Gee wiz that was quick.

Yeah mate blew me away to it’s going back to NZ it will be the most travelled brake on earth :laughing: dropped the price a little but reclaimed most of it

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Nice one mate.

I’ll take recoil over all the drama of a muzzle brake any day. The tin roof at Little River gives a very concussive PING! everytime some let’s go with a large braked rifle. Quite unpleasant after a short while.

The blast can be like a small slap in the face when sitting next to someone, can really put you off your shot.

I specifically don’t brake any of my larger rifles purely so I dont have to sit near shooters with brakes.

Yes Supaduke I understand what you are saying brakes wouldn’t be so bad if you were out in the open on your own but that isn’t always the case and I can’t be bothered changing the load and removing the brake at every change of position I thought a brake would make things a little simpler or easier on my shoulder but it come with a whole lot of different hurt and issues suppose ya can’t win them all


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All I am going to say on this matter, is that I love mine. Loooooove it!

One of the advantages of being a bit thick around the head area I’m guessing. Also wouldn’t want your little girly shoulder getting bruised.
Unless I find somewhere to shoot long range I will never have to worry about anything larger than a .308 and the occasional 45/70. All the Milsurps I find quite pleasant to shoot. Full power 45/70 can definitely knock the cobwebs out.
Some of the yeehah High calibre , high price tag rigs I see at LR, plinking at 500m. Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Heh, you know very well I am more than comfortable shooting most claibres LOL However! It’s awesome, it looks bad ass on my metal chassis and I love it. And yes, a combination of everything does reduce recoil quite a bit and is an absolute pleasure to shoot :slight_smile:

Or even better, all day at 100m.

You’re just jealous because you don’t have one :stuck_out_tongue:

Enough said. Behold the braking power of .22lr.
I have a theory that the awesome power of the brake, combined with the light weight of the projectile. The bullet could very well get sucked back into the barrel.

Fuck yeah!

I’ve just had something pointed out to me and that is I may have trouble sending the T3 nozzle brake over to NZ because of new gun laws can any one shine some light on that if possible