Selling some primers

$70 a box ok?

Ill give you $60

Oh fuck you, @bentaz! You want a bidding war do you! $55 and not a goat more.

I’ll give him $40 and promise to pay it off in 7 small installments, over the next couple of months!
I promise, I’m good for it dude…

That’s a hard deal to beat. I’ll give him $35 and 3 soggy fries from the bottom of the Mc’s bag.

I’ll pay a premium price of $50 and a half chewed mars bar, but i want a roadworthy certificate for each individual primer. Oh and i don’t like the colour of the boxes, could you paint them pink?

Fuck it, he can keep the primers!
I’ll give @JSS $50 for the half eaten mars bar and next pay I’m gunna buy @juststarting 3 mouldy fries.

It’s 2 fries now.

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@bentaz how about you give the $50 to @juststarting and then I’ll swap you the mars bar for one of those fries?

Fucking finally, Communism done right!

What if you give me $25 and @jss $25 and then I’d let go of the 2 chips for half a mars bar. I want the chewed part though.

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What a welcome for Jimm. Besides not offering a price or location and his first post being “For Sale” is there something else going on?

How do you mean, @Wombat we were haggling…

Nah nothing else going on just a couple of blokes trying to out smart arse each other.


What about bartering? I only have 85c but what about primers for services? I have a lot to offer.