Selling - 223 Brass

Anyone chasing 223 brass? Everyone probably has their own surplus of 223 brass but I really can’t see myself reloading any time soon. I’ve got no clue on prices either, suggestions are welcome. Feel free to send me a private message.

I have about 650 cases, once fired:

ADI x 260
Hornady x 200
PPU x 150
PMC x 80

Happy to only sell specific brands, but ideally would like to offload all of it. Cheers lads.

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I dont have a sheep rifle, but i know a bloke who might want all of it…


What’s a sheep rifle?

Get one because everyone else has one?

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That’s a bit rude.

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Yep mobile phone rifle…

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Yeah, real Riflemen have a 5.6 x 50 Magnum!