Second time around or do over

OK it is time to start over again…

If you could redo your life again would still live in the same place or you you move and why?
Also list why you haven’t done it yet.

I would like to have live in the wilderness of Alaska. I like the idea of being self sustainable and the peace and quiet that you would get while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The only reason I have done so yet is because I can’t stand the cold. Happy to work all day in 40 plus heat but stuff the cold.

My life is full of regret. I don’t want to do it all over again. But since you asked I would rather be somewhere away from traffic lights, bitumen, assholes and uh…well most of humanity. Alaska would do nicely.

Reason I haven’t done it is because I’ve made choices and decisions in life that mean i’m anchored here for at least the next decade.

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I think that we have all at some stage made choices that we look back on and regret, but at the time seemed like a good idea.

I have pondered this question. What would I change, but then I think (without getting sentimental) had I not gone on the journey I traveled, I would not have met my missus, met my kids. This question opens up some questions about parameters. Do you have knowledge of your prior life?
The knowledge you have gained could be priceless, it could also be unbearable because of your knowledge of future events, including tragedies. Would you/could you try to stop those events.
If you didn’t retain your prior knowledge would you be doomed to repeat the same life, would one different decision completely change the direction of your life for the better, or the worse?

Got deep, but I’ve gotten into some deep philosophical thought on this subject. My conclusion, be thankful for what you have , don’t be annoyed by what you don’t have or others do have. Be polite to cashiers and hospitality staff.

Grass is always greener on the other side because it’s fertilised with bullshit.

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Thats a pretty deep question hey, i’ve only ever been to the states and a few short crossovers in random cities a bunch of times but always end up missing home ( although not when i’m pulling the triggers of some exotic firearm i must admit haha ) but if i was to have the same information that i do now i would certainly do my teenage years again, as most of you know i’ve semi recently now moved interstate and stuff has certainly changed some for the better some for the worst but much of muchness, the world is in a mess at the moment and theres times in history where i’m certainly glad to be an Australian and have an Australian passport in a foreign country

Seen all tha Alaskan stuff, and my fianće has been to Alaska within the last few years, looks beautiful but super harsh and unforgiving and i don’t even possess half the skill to live out there in a self sufficient manner

I’ve delved into the self sufficiency thing myself. To live anything beyond a subsistence style of living is pretty much a full time job. I’ve done a bit of research on prepping to appease the wife because of COVID mayhem.
Even the absolute pros get supplies. It’s a hard and tedious life. I think it would grow tiresome after a while, especially if alone.


Naive romanticism.

The cold is as bitter as I am. I would play this on repeat just to spite it while I scream at the clouds.

If i could be anywhere i’d be on my own private island, one big enough to have it’s own self sustainable eco system. I don’t want to live like Robinson Crusoe though, i’ll take all the mod cons and luxuries with me. Why haven’t i done it?? Because i don’t have the spare 150mil it would take to do it.

Hopefully soon my mrs will decide she’s had enough of her job so we can move to an acreage back up on the Sunny Coast and get out of Brissy. That will be my doable island.

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I’m nowhere near Alaska tough, I like being only an hour n a half from bunnings and 45 mins from the supermarket and pizza shop.
My life has been, um, eventful to say the least and filled with adventures. I’ve done a lot of stupid shit but most of it was fun, I probably should regret some of it, but it’s made me who I am and led me to where I am.
Last few years have been a bit up n down and lead me to reassessing my life, I guess you’d call it a midlife crisis and so now I’m doing Alaska, just the soft Aussie going to bunnings version, lol.