Second hand clearance sale on tomorrow, Northern Victoria.

Hi all,

Not sure if this belongs here but Northern Vic Ammo Supplies in Tungamah (Northeast of Shepparton) is having a sale to clear out their second hand stock. One day only.

They state that they have guns going for $10. Won’t say what they have, you have to go in store. I know it is all rifles and shotguns, no pistols.

I think I’ll be able to get out of work early so I’ll head over there and see what’s what. No idea how legit it is but the store has a good reputation. Thought I’d put this here in case anyone was interested.

Edit. I forgot to mention, the sale includes ex-demo scopes.

G’day Nomis,
The guns will be hand-ins, mostly old farm bangers, some may be shootable but most (the $10 ones) will be parts only type of things. We scrap about 10 a week at the moment and nearly all 22’s or shotties. Roger is a top bloke, very knowledgeable about black powder cartridges and he is also the person who took over Bunduki Books when Peter Moncrief retired so there may be some book bargains on offer. The other thing Roger has is a large selection of reloading gear, so keep your eyes open and don’t hesitate to ask what good used gear he may have lying around, Cheers.

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Pick up anything worthwhile?

I’m so glad you asked.

As expected, farm guns but many of the prices were hilariously low. I picked up a Krico 22 with a 10 round mag for $50 and it shares a bolt and magazine with my other Krico 22 so worth it for that alone. Also, got it home and had a good look over it, seems perfectly functional, bore is great. Pretty happy with that.

Then I found an old sxs Damascus barrel shotgun for $10. Like, I know I can’t shoot it but come on, $10. Such a cool old gun, exposed triggers and everything. Cool old engraving all over it. I felt like I was in Downton Abbey.

So I bought a rifle and a shotgun for $60 and walked out with them then and there. I felt like an American! Also the whole set up is in a shed out the back of a farm house so that was different.


For any interested. The $50 Krico is a model 300 with a 10 round magazine. Took it to Little River today and it functioned perfectly. Just need to get some rust off it.

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I’m more interested in the old shotty.
Can I please see pics of any markings on it?

Will do when I get it. There was an issue with finding the serial number on it/it may never have been registered. They are going to give me a call this week when they figure out exactly what need to happen with it paperwork wise.

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No worries, sounds like an amnesty gun, not a big deal really just takes a minute.