Scope mounting question - move the scope with rings attached?

Hi All

I mount scopes as normal (unless I am lazy and LGS does it for free because they are cool like that and take enough of my money already)… Anyway, me mounting a scope - attach the rings, attach the scope. Simple.

I am going to be moving a scope from one rifle to another, including rings. Assuming it all fit well, I don’t know yet, but assuming it does, is it a good idea to just remove the rings from the receiver and move it to a different rifle, while keeping the scope attached. Sort of just move the entire package together, without removing the scope first.

I am not sure, so any thoughts (and reasoning) is welcome.

Actually, now that I think about it, the alignment may be skewed due to different tensions.

Hrmmm, thoughts?

There is no guarantee the mounting point on the other rifle is aligned to the bore the same as the rifle you took it off, the chances of being “on” are very slim. You will need to go through an alignment and zero with the new rifle I’m afraid.

I would loosen the rings on the scope to the point they can slide. As you want to push the each of the rings forward against the cross bar on the rail and although they are supposed to be a standard. I bet there not.


always found machining/manufacturing differences between bases/rings/ mounts myself, i usually just start again that, can take a few time until i’m happy with everything placement wise

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