Scope for 375 Ruger African

So…I bought a used Ruger African in 375 to pair with the 416 Alaskan.
The 416 is great with the factory ‘express’ sight arrangement. I nail stuff with it out to 100, but its hard not to. You wing something, it goes down anyway.

Id like to have some precision on stuff between 150 and a little past 200m. As in being able to get a crosshair quickly on the boiler room. I don’t need to shoot the heart, just the basketball sized area around it, and pretty quickly too.
Lots of eye relief, because I have a big head and long arms and so Im a post code away from the eyepiece. Im an annoying fit indeed.
Ideally a 2.5 to 3.0 fixed with a heavy duplex, but here’s the thing: All the stuff I like killing is BLACK (omg reddit, Im literally shaking rn) so an illuminated crosshair would really really be ideal, but no one in marketing makes a fixed zoom with an illuminated reticle eh? Bit stumped on this one.

Trying to keep it under $900

I would think a 1-4 would be about your only option.
Failing that a red dot with 3x magnifier might be what you want.

VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20 FireDot

VX freedom is now illuminqted? Thats good news.

Just a heads up, but Magnums has some really good prices on VX-Freedoms at the moment. Also looks like the VX-R range is being absorbed in to Freedom line? Freedom is good. Bald Eagles, hell yeah brother do it for Dale.

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Well I settled on a non illuminated version of what I wanted. Low power, mega eye relief and at the right price. Also not made anymore, the Leupold VX3i 1.75-6x32mm. Brand new was 690.

Tested it on the 416. Waiting for the permit to.come through so I can pick up the African…i hate waiting!!!